The Bullet System Editor V1

Hello all, it’s Kevin Wu.  I haven’t posted a blog update in…months.  Mostly because I’ve been busy.  Also because I didn’t really have much to post.  But  here’s a video.

This time, I’m moving way from the (bad) hard coded bullet pattern as seen in December 2017 to a more modular way of doing things.



This version, Version 2.0, or V1 for the “official” title, gets rid of the hard code and attempts at making a modular bullet hell pattern system for use in 3D. Well, mainly 3D; certain patterns like circles are usable in 2D levels, too.

As you can see, bullets are generated based on a pattern and an additional parameter called enchantment. An enchantment is merely the bullet’s second movement after it is emitted. Bullets use rigidbody physics to move.

Made with Unity 2017.3

With the introduction of Unity 2018 and the job system and ECS, I will make the switch to those, and this system will will probably increase in performance.

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