Game Portfolio

Games (2017 – Present)

6. LootBox Simulator (Clickbait Studios , Winter 2017-July 2018)
Role: 3d Modeler/Animator
  • 3d modeled and rigged Todd and RNGatchavarios (Main protagonist and antagonist)
  • 3d modeled cosmetics such as a witch hat and wand
  • Rigged, and animated multiple Lootboxes, such as the main box
  • Imported Blender models to Unity
  • Added Bullet Hell boss level
  • Designed 2D Art of the minibosses

5. Flicker (Hyper Force Dash 2-3, June 2018)

Role:  Minor 3d Modeler/Animator
  • 3D modeled starting area (Bedroom)
  • Animated and rigged main character model
  • Playtested game functionality

4.Hardlight Katana -First Playable (Winter 2017-Spring 2018)

Screenshot (51).png
Role: Lead Artist
  • 3d modeled space environment assets (excluding skybox) and player model
  • Textured 3d models and assets
  • Collaborative team work with Johannes Spaulding (Lead developer) and Sean Woods (Producer)

3. 3D Bullet Hell Prototype – Video Demo (Summer 2017- Winter 2017)

Role: All (Programmer, 3D Artist, Concept)
  • 3D Bullet Hell prototype
  • Programmed 3D bullet hell patterns, 360 player movement, and UI indicators
  • 3D modeled, rigged, and animated characters as seen in the video

2.Day at the Bleach (Spring 2017)

Screenshot (45).png
Role: Lead Programmer
  • Day at the Bleach is a game about the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef.  You play as a painting fish that tries to paint life back into the dying coral.  The game ends when all of the coral die.
  • Collaborated with 3 other students to create an HTML game using Phaser
  • Helped in designing game loop, aesthetic, and gameplay
  • Programmed main player movement, simple enemy Fish AI, player paint and attack systems, and coral healing systems.
  • Programmed half of the tutorial

1.Immaterial (2017)

Role: 3D Artist
  • Helped design technological models such as computers, servers, and cameras
  • Collaborated with other 3D artists to create conceptual level designs